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Uh – Oh , this is good stuff on climate change:

From Friends of the Earth reader contributions to the Big Climate Debate.

I hope Andrew Tweedie doesn’t mind my copy and paste. I just loved his questions:

Since Solar radiation at Saharaian latitudes delivers 300% more energy /heat than in the UK and, according to the German Fed Gov report (see link via http://www.trec-uk.org.uk) only 10% is lost in transmission using HVDC. (60% is now wasted at power stations in the UK!)

A) why is no funding invested in a super HVDC renewable grid that would overcome fluctuations in output as well as enable export of our own “of peak ” renewables” and the importation of CSP generated electricity through more than one transmission line enabling a better “mix” & security of supply?

B ) why is the subsidy per £1 of solar thermal REPLACEMENT electricity only 10% while Nuke power Wind or PV panels 40%? (yet ouput cost per £ is 10x better!)

C) Since peak oil will have a massive impact on the global economy and oil consumption has resulted in global warming why is there no V.A.T on aviation fuel whose funds could be transfered to public transport?

Andrew Tweedie