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    These is my log of professional, political and sometimes personal thoughts and observations. I am Bettina Walter, a Senior Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer and Usability Professional.
    I am co-owner of PunkLogic.

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Love Miles

…”But one idea in Heat that will gain momentum is that of ‘love miles’, analogous to the ‘food miles’ that are already part of the language. These are the miles we travel to be with far-flung friends and family, so feeding the aviation industry which is the world’s fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases. Monbiot offers no solutions: “long-distance travel, high speed and the curtailment of climate change are not compatible. If you fly, you destroy other people’s lives.” Now where are you off to this summer?”…
Oliver Tickle, Resurgence


‘It works’

‘The Secret’ has old roots. This booklet was published originally in 1927. It’s ‘The Secret’ in a nutshell – some 30 odd little pages. The foundation of success coaches wildest dreams.

‘Change – doesn’t happen until the fear of change is exceeded by the fear of not changing.’