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UX – IA – User Centred Design – What’s in a Name?

Just listened to Jared Folkmann’s pod cast on a ‘Customer Experience Framework’ he has developed as head of User Experience at gt.
His speech is very insightful for where I am at right now.

Jared has got a good point (amongst plenty others) when calling his area of expertise ‘Customer Experience’. It is a more precise term for what he is doing whilst working primarily with retail clients. It makes business understand his role instantaneously and how he’ll bring value to their business.

Having settled into Noosa with family, buying a house and getting it into shape I have also found my professional bearings. Using my IA skills designing ‘User Experiences’ for the Australian market I am focusing on eCommerce – I guess that could become ‘Customer Experiences’.

other goodies to remember:

– ongoing ‘rinse and repeat’ cycles make for a great customer experience
– hire a smart analytics company
– 3 components of the ‘Customer Experience Framework’:

  • Who’s visiting? (Segments)
  • Why are people visiting? (Intentions)
  • What are they doing? (Behaviours)

Thanks for sharing, Jared, and all the best.


Step by step: Peter Singer ‘A Fair Deal on Climate Change

from Project Syndicate

  1. Establish the total amount of greenhouse gases that we can allow to be emitted without causing the earth’s average temperature to rise more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the point beyond which climate change could become extremely dangerous.
  2. Divide that total by the world’s population, thus calculating what each person’s share of the total is.
  3. Allocate to each country a greenhouse gas emissions quota equal to the country’s population, multiplied by the per person share.
  4. Finally, allow countries that need a higher quota to buy it from those that emit less than their quota.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.