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Food Court Musical

Food Court Musical

via Phil Gyford. Thanks Phil!


Connecting the dots.

Today spells the end of 98 years of Noosa council.

Noosa News is running a big ‘Farewell Article’:

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Westwing on flickr

Originally uploaded by Barack Obama
I’m hooked.

Looking up – update:

Tim has just opened a blog can and there will be good words and chuckles aplenty.

US Primary, social computing and attention to detail.

The quality, functionality and sophistication of Obama’s website and Clinton’s website blow me away. The blogs, the shops, the features, the use of social computing… – both candidates are doing well and setting very high standards. The attention to detail especially with Obama’s online campaign are astounding – check the well design, coherent, custom made icon set!

And check their respective flickr sites – Clinton here, Obama here.
BOTH campaigns are running a photo commentary on flickr. BUT check the number of contacts and see how the Obama campaign blazes ahead again in the ‘attention to detail’ department.



GTD: Increased Productivity with Firefox Extensions

Found a great list of firefox plug-ins for ‘Getting Things Done’ on LifeDEv – a site about ‘Personal development that focuses on creativity, productivity and GTD.’

I’ll start with better gmail and remember the milk for gmail and will work my way down the list – once my new laptop has arrived!

“ You cannot NOT have a user experience!”

(by Lou Carbone)
A treasure trove of User Experience Quotes – Collected by Szymon Błaszczyk.
Wonderful stuff! Thanks Szymon.