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    These is my log of professional, political and sometimes personal thoughts and observations. I am Bettina Walter, a Senior Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer and Usability Professional.
    I am co-owner of PunkLogic.

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‘Name that thing’ – collective naming fun

Our clients sometimes struggle with creating a name for their online business. Here is our collective name finding technique. A process that is fun and gets results.

  1. Find a lot of words you like in context to your project.
    I often use an online thesaurus for this: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/joy
  2. Collect all your suggestions – you could use google docs for this. Here is an example.
    Set up a doc. Invite your team members / stake holders to add words.
    Set the type fairly large – I use the subheading (H2) style for this. It also gives you good line space.
  3. When you’ve got enough: Print (3 copies)
  4. Cut individual words into snippets
  5. Meet as a group
  6. Jumble words around on a table (Alcohol optional)
  7. Note down your favourite combinations.
  8. Set up a little survey and let friends rank your ideas.

This naming technique encourages lateral thinking and makes you look at word combinations in a fresh way.


Poll Test again! impressive results hehe!

Answer Text Votes %
get lathered 2 67%
get laid 1 33%
Other… 0 0%
get intellectually stimulated 0 0%
get wet and have a laugh 0 0%

Noosa Journal | Business Section

Jackson goes ape

Jackson goes ape

Not a single quote from Jackson. He is livid. Jackson however has a pretty face and is terrific with shapes, colours, tags and cheese melts.

And have I mentioned: PunkLogic are now at NoosaBoardrooms? Come and see us. Our phone nr is +61 7 5430 6610.

Testing polls one two

Bear with me. GRrrrrrrrrrrr Testing Surveys and polls for a project.

Better go with this survey.

PollDaddy is slick! pricey, but slick! The admin interface and data analysis is very user friendly.

PunkLogic is us

Long time no blogging. I have teamed up with Jackson Beale to form PunkLogic. We have been running the Creative Alliance Communications Team and found out, that we are a pretty good fit.

PunkLogic by Jamie Callister

PunkLogic by Jamie Callister

We’ve moved into our new office at Noosa Boardroom. DOING BUSINESS IN NOOSA NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! hehe – We shall make it so!