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A professional eye for compelling images.

Just in case you’ve missed the re-launch of our PunkLogic Site over there. Have a look.
We hired Andrej Kadacik from Artisan Photography for our shoot. He is fun to work with as he thinks creatively and really applies himself to a project.

Everybody’s an expert

It is exciting, that production and publication of media is now in EVERBODY’S REACH. Cost is no longer preventing getting your message out. Making a start with a business has not got huge cost implications. For many projects we don’t need to resort to stock photography and still can add ‘real pictures’ to any website.
We pride ourselves, that for the Noosa Biosphere website we have not used ANY stock photography – we were fortunate to have access to Andrew Seymore’s archive(Noosa Journal) and supplemented with diy shots from the community. And this fits well with a website focussing on community engagement. However even for Noosa Biosphere it is worth using professional photographers to support specific purposes. For example the social board was engaging people into their yarning circles through a community snapshot project (link will follow). If you want to make a subject really compelling and ‘media’ effective it is always worth hiring a professional photographer.

The value of  hiring a professional photographer

Everybody’s got an uncle’s gardener building websites in her spare time (web dev), a cousin who is good at picking curtains (art director) and everybody’s got a personal digital camera (photographer).
Everybody can become an internet publisher! The results are out there – some are extremely interesting, some are very effective, but there is also a fantasmical amount of tosh out there. The internet is great exactly for that reason. As a business it is wise to take a gamble.
If your organisation is setting out with a purpose and you want people to trust your product or service you need to get professionals with expertise and experience on site.

  • You might be able to  knit a jumper – doesn’t make you a fashion house.
  • You might be able to draw a house – doesn’t make you an architect.
  • You might be able to stick two length of pipe together – doesn’t make you a plumber.
  • You might be good on a F1 game – doesn’t make you a F1 driver.

There might be ‘freak’ examples where the following rule doesn’t apply BUT for most of us mortals it does:

Some measure of talent, education, practice and experience make people good at their job.

And this is also and especially valid ONLINE.

We recommend:

If you run an organisation – business or not-for profit – if you are an expert in your field, get experts from other fields to work with you for your success. It’s more fun and the results are so exciting!

If you are a professional – work with professionals.

If you want good images on your website, use a photographer.
Oh, and if you do something interesting online, something that is good for people and the planet AND you are passionate and professional about it – come and see us at PunkLogic.