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    These is my log of professional, political and sometimes personal thoughts and observations. I am Bettina Walter, a Senior Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer and Usability Professional.
    I am co-owner of PunkLogic.

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“ You cannot NOT have a user experience!”

(by Lou Carbone)
A treasure trove of User Experience Quotes – Collected by Szymon Błaszczyk.
Wonderful stuff! Thanks Szymon.


Dummy Text Generator – Little Beauty

Ahhh – simplicity and purpose: Bindtext Generator

Does what it says on the tin!

I work with real (sample) copy where appropriate. I find it’s often beneficial for user testing and also better for clients to grasp meaning, potential or functionality within my blueprints. However there are plenty of situations where ‘Lorem Ipsum’ is indispensable and this little application is exactly what I need.


is nice – is simple

from the tumblr blog on WordPress

‘Yeah, it’s still a blog. But it’s a new philosophy. It’s free of noise, requirements, and commitments. And it’s finally here. ‘

A very different blog experience – I’ve stuck my Tumblr button into my browser – let’s see what happens on bettina.tumblr.com

OMG – back to design

Not only interfaces – even PRINT!
Emigrating to a place where the main activity is done by the sun i.e. shining sure keeps you on your toes!
Emigre: How befitting that my favourite font designer right now is Zuzana Licko. And no, I don’t mind showing my age, nor my populist taste.
I hear thunder. It’s been a hot and muggy day and we are waiting for rain.
Icebergs off the New Zealand Coast.