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GTD: Increased Productivity with Firefox Extensions

Found a great list of firefox plug-ins for ‘Getting Things Done’ on LifeDEv – a site about ‘Personal development that focuses on creativity, productivity and GTD.’

I’ll start with better gmail and remember the milk for gmail and will work my way down the list – once my new laptop has arrived!


Super Tuesday – truely mashed up!

Google twitter mash-up. Superb!

Note to self: Got to move my blog onto my own server. Hosted WordPress cleans out scripts.

Oh! Google to get involved in sustainable energy production!

Via ‘O’Reilly Radar’:

Google is going to invest tens of millions in renewable energy. The aim of yesterday’s announced RE<C is to produce a Gigawatt of renewable energy cheaper than coal.

All systems go!

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

Am I going to drown?

Having an after school cup of tea with Hillary yesterday she told me about an article she read saying the polar ice caps are supposed to be gone, finished, kaputt by 2020.
So having bought a new house I wondered if we’ll still be dry.
I found this nifty google maps app showing projected sea level rise incrementally on google maps.
Seems we’ll be dry, but awfully crowded.