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Knowledge Worker Athletics

A nice and re-asuring reminder for GTD converts who fall as frequently off the wagon as I do.
via http://blog.validateyourlife.com/2008/06/27/productivity-heros/


The poll re Anna Bligh’s letter

The poll is anonymous, please vote or add your comment on ‘other’.
This is about the letter that went out to parents grade 3,5,7 and 9. For more information see my previous post below¬† ‘A Queensland Mum’s Rant’.

btw. Professor Masters preliminary recommendations in full here.

You are most welcome to leave comments below. Someone voiced the idea of boycotting testing the tests… let me know and we set up another poll…

Poll Test again! impressive results hehe!

Answer Text Votes %
get lathered 2 67%
get laid 1 33%
Other… 0 0%
get intellectually stimulated 0 0%
get wet and have a laugh 0 0%

Noosa Journal | Business Section

Jackson goes ape

Jackson goes ape

Not a single quote from Jackson. He is livid. Jackson however has a pretty face and is terrific with shapes, colours, tags and cheese melts.

And have I mentioned: PunkLogic are now at NoosaBoardrooms? Come and see us. Our phone nr is +61 7 5430 6610.

Testing polls one two

Bear with me. GRrrrrrrrrrrr Testing Surveys and polls for a project.

Better go with this survey.

PollDaddy is slick! pricey, but slick! The admin interface and data analysis is very user friendly.