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Digital Eskimo on sustainable design

I’m on board, Eskimo! On board the sustainability gravy train. It’s the only way.



So I’m evaluating Intuitect. – a UX visio tool.
Unfortunately it crashes visio quite frequently. Flashbacks from times where your computer would freeze and crash as a matter of course ensue.
Intuitect has got some very cool features though – especially automatic updates to align sitemap changes with wireframes and navigation.
I so do not like their pricing strategy though – $800 and some for a years subscription for the pro version.
Until the application gets a bit more solid and the price drops to half at what they are demanding now I’ll drop it or stick with the basic version… I’ll just give it another try now.

The core of the experience!

Sweet sketchcast by Peter Van Dijck.

Oz IA 2007

It was my first Australian Industry do. Trying to catch up with everything now.

Random nugget of wisdom:
(For Sam!) Tableless web pages are like gold. With gold 24 karat is considered too soft, you want some impurities to make it stronger – so you need a few tables for stability. (Thanks James)
Ah and how I loved the ‘Pinking shears’ pattern talk from Sharon.
Here’s the original pattern man! himself btw.

and this is for Eric to answer his apparel related survey question:

It was fun and inspiring

Ways to be more frugal

This telegraph article made me laugh – lots. Check out the comments.
‘Dead snakes make excellent and very economical disposal containers for used neon light tubes.’