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    These is my log of professional, political and sometimes personal thoughts and observations. I am Bettina Walter, a Senior Information Architect (IA), Interaction Designer and Usability Professional.
    I am co-owner of PunkLogic.

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If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work.

— Susan Dray

My services range from a brief usability evaluation of an existing site – suggesting most effective action points for improvements to a full User Experience Design solution.

Components of which are:

  • Information Architecture & User Experience design
    including wire frames, flows, site maps, prototypes
  • Interaction design
  • Work process consultancy for digital agencies
  • Heuristic usability evaluation
  • Quantitative and qualitative user research
  • Analytics
  • Design and planning documentation
  • Client workshops
  • Design team work sessions
  • Usability consultancy
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO

My objectives are:

  1. Your web project will result in a great brand / customer / user experience.
  2. Your Design Team Skills will be enhanced.
  3. You will have exciting communication channels to reach your customers.
  4. Your customers will return and trust your products to be the best.
  5. Site administration, customer service, content management and fulfillment are smart and a joy to use.
  6. You will learn about ‘Virtual Teaming’ and how to do it along the way.

Success identifiers will be formulated at planning stage.

Contact me to discuss an appropriate approach for your project.

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