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5% ??? Get outta here! Time to Get up!

I’ve  just donated a few bucks to get this advertisment shown on TV at the Boxing Day cricket match.
Get up!:

Even as he was announcing woefully inadequate climate targets on Monday, Prime Minister Rudd was setting aside over $130 million for an ‘information campaign’ to sell us his sparse climate package. Doesn’t it remind you of the kind of climate policy John Howard would have announced?
Thousands of GetUp members are donating to air this ad during the Boxing Day Cricket Test, to an audience of millions.

We are being taken for a ride. This has to change.


Enrique Peñalosa

PS: Enrique Peñalosa is speaking in Brisbane on the 7th of February. The event is booked out. If you are attending or know of any reports, pictures or notes from it afterwards – please drop me line. Thanks.

Where I live

KEEN – Big Bob and Joe Natoli show down
This was a good night (sorry not such a good photo) at Noosa Gallery – a meeting of Noosa’s Knowledge Entrepreneurs to pick the brains of the mayoral candidates for the post-amalgamation Noosa-Maroochydore-Caloundra Super Shire.

Coinciding with this I came across Enrique Peñalosa – former mayor of Bogota, Columbia.

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Basic Risk Management applied to Climate Destabilisation

Science teacher superstar explaining where it all ends.

Watch this video. Give him the time.

It’s time for the best of us to come out!

Bali summit applauds Rudd.

So do I.
Good write up by Crikey: Bali summit applauds Rudd.

Oh! Google to get involved in sustainable energy production!

Via ‘O’Reilly Radar’:

Google is going to invest tens of millions in renewable energy. The aim of yesterday’s announced RE<C is to produce a Gigawatt of renewable energy cheaper than coal.

All systems go!

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).

Step by step: Peter Singer ‘A Fair Deal on Climate Change

from Project Syndicate

  1. Establish the total amount of greenhouse gases that we can allow to be emitted without causing the earth’s average temperature to rise more than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the point beyond which climate change could become extremely dangerous.
  2. Divide that total by the world’s population, thus calculating what each person’s share of the total is.
  3. Allocate to each country a greenhouse gas emissions quota equal to the country’s population, multiplied by the per person share.
  4. Finally, allow countries that need a higher quota to buy it from those that emit less than their quota.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.